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Eyebrow Eyebrow
Lip Nose
Chin Ears
Cheeks Underarm
Nose Neck
Full Face Back
Underarm Shoulders
Stomach Back & Shoulders
1/2 Arm Chest
Full Arm Chest & Stomach
1/2 Leg Full Arm
3/4 Leg 3/4 Leg
Top 1/2 Leg Full Leg
Full Leg Buttocks
Extra Areas From* Full Body
  Extra Areas From*

*Bikini - Wax the sides and bring down the pubic line if required

*G String Bikini - Wax around the labia and into the bottom. Can also bring down the pubic line if required. Clipper the remaining hair

*Brazilian - Wax over the labia and into the bottom, leaving a small strip on the pubic bone at the front. Clipper the remaining hair

*Hollywood - All the hair in the pubic region is waxed off

Chocolate-Hazelnut Hot & Strip Wax

A chocolate treat without the calories! Super gentle with iron oxide and gentle micro mica. Ideal for all waxing, including sensitive skins.

Super Berry Hot & Strip Wax

This premium, creamy pink wax with chamomile and berry now has Lycon’s latest and unique titanium dioxide technology. Exceptional for extra sensitive areas.

Desert Rose Hot Wax

Exotic red with calming chamomile and rose. Ideal for all waxing, including sensitive skins.

Lavender Hot Wax

Majestic purple with the soothing properties of lavender and chamomile. Exceptional for extra sensitive areas.

Apricot Strip Wax

One of Lycon's leading performers. Containing apricot kernel oil and chamomile, it ensures total customer comfort and satisfaction. Perfect to remove stubborn hair as short as 1mm.


Hair removal has come a long way since its humble beginnings. The good news is that we now have a far more effective hair removal that is comfortable safe and virtually pain free! Our IPL SHR laser machine uses special in motion technique for gradual and even heating which achieves fast results! It is one of the latest machines on the market which mean our highly trained team have the ability to remove hair of any type (white, blonde, red pigment).

Vanish waxing now has specials for IPL please enquire within.


  • Single Session
  • 3 Session Package
  • 5 Session Package

Tuscan Tan

Tuscan TanTM professional spray tan solutions contain a unique combination of violet based bronzers that produce an instant natural tan shade when sprayed on the skin, and prevent yellow/orange undertones in the developed tan. The solution adapts to any skin type as it picks up and adopts the skin's individual darker tones, whilst deepening the colour of its lighter variations to produce the most authentic looking tan in any shade desired, from lightly sun-kissed through to the darkest of tans. Better still, the tan is non-sticky, smudge proof and completely odourless once the tan has developed.

We use two Tuscan tan professional spray tan solutions

Tuscan Tan™ Original 8 hour - Develops over 8 hours

Rapid- Amino 90 Spray Tan Solution - Develops in 90 minutes, perfect for those on the go.

The finest quality DHA (Dihydroxyacetone) from Germany is used together with the botanical Erythrulose. This creates a reaction with the amino acids and proteins in the skins epidermis.

A natural looking tan will develop enhancing the melanin of each individual's skin tone.

We use and recommend Tuscan Tan for an 8 hour tan and also for 2 hours rapid.

Tuscan Tan is made from organic treatment and gives a beautiful natural bronze colour to the skin.


  • Lash Tint
  • Brow Tint
  • Lash & Brow Tint

Nowadays, fashion shows around the world are stocked with flaxen-haired models parading down the runway with bold, brown arches. But taking a few minutes to darken your eyebrows adds time to your often already rushed beauty routine. The answer? Semipermanent tinting!

Understandably, this solution also translates to another cluster of very important hairs on your face: your eyelashes. Having long, thick lashes can make a world of difference to your look. But who wants to put on mascara every day if you don't have to? Semipermanent tinting lasts up to 3 weeks on eyebrows and up to 8 weeks on eyelashes.

Products We Love

Lycon Anti Bump Foaming Gel

Contains Lemon, Tea Tree, Arnica and Calendula. Anti Bump Foaming Gel is highly effective in minimising the appearance of ingrown hairs, calming and decongesting skin and preventing breakouts on the entire body and face. It protects the skin’s pH balance, leaving skin feeling clean, soft and smooth.

Lycon Tea Tree Soothe

Contains Tea Tree Oil, Rose and Chamomile. A light and easily absorbed non-clogging body lotion quickly conditions and moisturises, while it helps minimise blemishes and the look of ingrown hairs.

Lycon Ingrown-X-it

A gentle and effective, scientifically developed formula for the face and body helps to minimise the appearance and discomfort of ingrown hairs and blemishes after waxing, shaving, electrolysis or depilatory creams.

Riffi Original Exfoliating Mitt

Widely considered by beauty professionals to be the best exfoliating mitts available, Riffi Original Exfoliating Mitts are a must have! Use it every day in the shower to apply your shower gel: the exfoliating massage action keeps the skin smooth and soft, as well as stimulating circulation regular use can even help combat the appearance of cellulite. Ideal for use prior to applying self-tanner, and to keep your Brazilian wax well maintained and ingrown-free. The mitt shape makes them much easier to put on and use than loofah gloves, and Riffi’s unique blend of fibres is durable and hygienic.

Candleworks Australia Soy Candles

We are now stocking these divine soy candles made with love by Candleworks Australia. Candleworks Australia uses only the highest quality soy wax, the wicks are made from natural cotton and all candles are handmade with custom made jars and lids. With up to 50 hours of burn time, take a moment from your day and relax with one of these decadent candles.

Abode Aroma Diffusers

Using colour as an inspiration for fragrance creation and striking packaging design, the Abode Aroma collection is designed to enhance the everyday living experience. Abode Aroma are recognised as having developed a unique formulation that is unrivalled in delivering both exquisite fragrance and exceptional longevity.

Working in collaboration with some of the world’s most gifted perfumers, Abode Aroma use only the finest raw materials and our classic, crystal clear bottles with stylish decorative collars that blend into any decor. An Abode Aroma diffuser will add memorable ambiance to your home every day.

Tuscan TanTM Exfoliating Sugar Scrub

Tuscan TanTM Exfoliating Sugar Scrub is a non-oil based exfoliant that contains very fine, non-irritating, spherical polishing grains formulated to gently yet effectively slough away dry, dull or aged skin cells. Exfoliation is vital in preparing the outermost cells of the skin to be more receptive to the spray on tan solution during application, and to ensure that the tan fades evenly.

Tuscan TanTM pH Balanced Skin Wash

Tuscan TanTM pH Balanced Skin Wash is a fantastic two in one product formulated for use both before the tanning application to restore the pH balance of the skin to normal levels, and afterwards, to cleanse the skin whilst showering once the tan has developed. Ideal for sensitive skin types, this non-soap, non-citrus based formulation utilises the gentle cleansing power of natural coconut oil to effectively cleanse the skin, leaving it soft, fresh and revitalised.

Tuscan TanTM Tinted Tan Extender

Tuscan TanTM Tinted Tan Extender lotion is a light yet superbly effective hydrating body lotion that is fortified with a superior blend of ingredients renowned for their moisturising, soothing and antioxidant properties such as Macadamia Nut Oil, Aloe Vera and Green Tea Extract to keep your skin looking and feeling soft, smooth and supple. Added Tuscan Tan bronzers extend the life of the spray on tan, whilst a subtle hint of mica mineral shimmer will enhance the tan and give the skin a healthy dewy glow.

Tuscan TanTM 2 in 1 Gradual Self Tanning Mousse

Tuscan TanTM 2 in 1 Gradual Self Tan Mousse can be used daily to build a gradual tan, or it can be used 5 - 7 days after a professionally applied Tuscan TanTM spray on tan when it begins to fade.

Enriched with a blend of ingredients renowned for their moisturising and antioxidant properties such as Vitamin E and Green Tea Extract, this light weight formulation utilises a unique combination of two active tanning ingredients (DHA and Erythrulose) to promote superior colour development and tone. Tuscan TanTM 2 in 1 Gradual Self Tan Mousse also contains an instant cosmetic colour guide for even, streak free application.

Tuscan Tan TM Wash off Bronzing Mousse

This beautifully rich tanning mousse is the key to an instant sun-kissed glow or deep dark tan! Free from active tanning ingrediants, this formulation is specifically designed to be consumed to your desired shade, then washed off at the time of the day for those who’d prefer a committed free tan. Infused with green tree extract, aloe vera and vitamin E to help moisturise, protect and reinvigorate the skin, your complexion will be tanned from head to toe in minutes for instant glamour!

Tuscan TanTM Self Tan Application Mitt

Luxurious soft mitt designed for self tan application, blends self tan evenly on the skin for a flawless, streak free finish! Protects hands from staining during self tan application, cleans easily and is reusable!

Tuscan TanTM Tan Removal Mitt

The Tuscan TanTM tan removal mitt can be used to remove fake tan residue that normal exfoliation will not remove, or it can be used to correct minor fake tan errors such as an area that has had too much fake tan applied. The mitt is made of woven fabric composed of irregular threads with different degrees of elasticity. When combined with water and massaged on the skin, the black side of the mitt removes any fake tan residue, while the gentler brown side is for fake tan correction.

Purchase our fabulous Tuscan Tan pack which includes; Tuscan TanTM pH Balanced Skin Wash, Tuscan TanTM Tinted Tan Extender, Tuscan Tan™ Exfoliating Sugar Scrub – AND RECIEVE A FREE TAN!